Thorough and Professional Residential Painter and Pressure Washer in Palm Coast

When choosing a company to paint your home, many thoughts typically come to mind. Whom can I trust? Will they do a good job? Why should I hire someone? Can I trust them to clean up after themselves and take care of my home? 

We know how stressful it can be to find and hire the best company you know you can trust to come into your home. With that in mind, let us answer all of your questions and ease your mind. We take our preparation process very seriously at APM Construction. Your home is your safe-haven, and we’ll protect your furniture, plants, and all belongings before beginning a painting project. We assess your home, whether exterior or interior for any needed repairs prior to starting and always provide the necessary caulking, sealing, and priming. Living in Florida means that our homes see a little more wear and tear, and on APM Construction we do our best to ensure your painting job will stand up to our coastal climate.

Rest assured that when you hire APM Construction whether it’s for pressure washing or painting in Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, St. Augustine, or Ormond Beach, you are hiring experienced professionals that take attention to detail to the next level.

Why Choose APM Construction:

  • Low and no VOC paint options
  • Trusted by hundreds of local homeowners
  • Always show up on time
  • Only use top of the line materials, paint, and equipment
  • Leave your home cleaner than when we came
  • Family owned and operated
  • Paint job that stands up to our coastal climate
  • Affordable estimates

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of paint do you use?

    We prefer to use Sherwin Williams as our painting partners, we have been working with them for several years now and they deliver us the quality products we need to do an excellent job. We use a wide variety of paints and stains to achieve the desired look and long-lasting finish that our customers are after, this includes low or no VOC paints for interior applications, solvent-based for exterior concrete surfaces, oil-based, water-based, primers and sealers, we also use the longest-lasting elastomeric and urethane sealant for your doors, windows, and areas that have the potential to leak.

    Do you do texturing?

    Yes, we do in-house texturing and we also have a subcontractor for large texturing jobs and or knockdown ceilings.

    Do you know a general contractor that can help us?

    Our company has many relationships with different contractors in the area to help assist with larger repairs or problematic areas such as stucco repairs, drywall repair, and installation, popcorn ceiling removal and texturing, home remodels, and much more.

    Are there multiple paint options?

    Yes, we have a wide variety of paints and stains that all have a different purpose. All of these paints can be explained. Also, our newest most popular paint right now is Sherwin Williams air-purifying super paint.

    Do you have a paint option that is safe for children and animals?

    We offer low and no VOC options to ensure the safety of your children and/or animals.

    How long does it take?

    This is dependent on the job and its requirements. We can give a set start and completion date after completing the estimate.

    Do you paint ceilings?

    Yes, we paint all different types of ceilings including knockdown, popcorn, orange peel, and flat. We can also paint wood ceilings which may include raw cedar or previously sealed wood.

    How extensive is the prep work that you do prior to painting?

    Exterior painting jobs are thoroughly cleaned and all of the loose or chipping paint is removed. Once the surfaces are completely dry we move on to the caulking, sealing, and priming process. This includes sealing any cracks or problem areas to ensure they will last for years to come. Windows, doors, ceilings, and mating surfaces will be inspected and sealed as needed. Some houses that have not been painted for a number of years will need to be primed or sealed depending on the condition. Once the surface is cleaned, sealed, and primed we move on to the finish coat in a color of your choosing. We use a top-of-the-line finish coat on all of our applications. The paint will be evenly administered to your house or building. Our cut in lines are second to none and we vouch that our work will always be done neat and clean.

    For interior painting jobs, furniture and other household items will be handled with care and placed back where they originally came from. Everything from the floors, cabinets, furniture, and countertops will be covered. The trim and doors will be sanded and cleaned prior to painting. After each job, there will be a walkthrough to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned back to how it was before we started.

    Do you clean up when you are done working?

    After each job, there will be a walkthrough to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned back to how it was before we started!

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